Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Rupture

Maybe I was sitting on the toilet when the Rapture occurred last night. Maybe it bypassed me because Mrs. JP and I were watching the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie. Maybe it came and went while we were listening to the Red Sox get blown out by the Cubs in their milkmen uniforms last night.

Or maybe I haven't been sufficiently religious enough during my life. But apparently, the baby Jebus either didn't think I was as pious as the 200,000,000 pre-chosen or... Or maybe it didn't happen at all.

Anyway, consider this an open thread to tell me what you did to prepare for the Rapture (Gotta admit, it was awfully convenient for that 89 year-old crackpot to choose a Saturday for the grand Skyline moment).


  1. Dear "Daily Bread":

    I like the site, you've got quite a bite!
    The look of it is nice too.

    But did I celebrate the "Rapture"?
    Yes, by excoriating Mr. Camping on my
    blog, of course. More's missing than math
    skills with THAT guy....

    Best Wishes, A.

  2. I's "Daily Dread, actually. But thanks for chiming in.


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