Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fox News at its Finest, Part XII

Fox: We Stay on Top of the News!

"What's that spell? RDGCGON, that's what!"

That's... that's horrible! Or, it would be if the two automakers in question, Tesla and Fisker were European as Fox claimed. They're not. They're American.

Yeah, but hitting the power button on the remote is still easier.

And if news of Goldman Sachs' bundled mortgage-backed securities can't sustain your interest, take a gander at these tronches...

Uh, I think I'll let Christine field this one...

Oh, no. Perish the thought.

"Tell us, damnit, or we'll fucking blow your brains out!"

"...and now, here's Jesus with the latest on the Lions vs Christians championship..."

Absolutely. Facts ought to reside in one skull at a time.

Until they go to prison, that's about the summation of a typical college Republican.

Oh, so that explains this and this, then?

Nah, we'll pass. But if Nazi Germany ever makes a comeback...

Ah, but is it still legal to be legal in Arizona if you don't have your papers on demand?

Look like Little Jack Horner's stuck his thumb in something worse than a plum pie.

Yeah, authors need teleprompters to sign their own names on invisible books during their book signings all the time. And your point is...?

Ah, yes, Whenever I think of national unity, the first decade that springs to mind is the 60's.

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