Monday, October 4, 2010

Ask the Yahoos

There are a million reasons for opposing gay marriage and every single one of them fall like dominos when presented with facts and logic. Still, that doesn’t prevent certain people from clinging to their moth-eaten beliefs as to why gay marriage shouldn’t exist. Ask America’s survey asked Yahoo users if they were for or against gay marriage (at this time, 54% are in favor, 46% against). What follows below is actual feedback posted within the space of just one hour that I’d lifted from the comment section on, appropriately, the right side of the page. (I get the feeling that many of these people who weighed in with these comments were also carrying around misspelled signs at Glenn Beck’s rally.)

It’s Just Wrong But I Won’t Go Into Detail Why.

(This faction tantalizingly gives us sort of a reason why homosexuality is wrong without actually offering a cogent argument as to why. One gets the impression, however, that these people are just one epileptic seizure away from claiming that if God had His way, gay men would be born without penises or assholes.)

no its against evary thing thats moral deasent and correct

I believe Gay marriage is also an abomination. Being Gay is a sin and allowing it in our society is condoning sin. Jesus asks us to fight against sin and not give in to it if we want to be saved!

Where do Homos, stand on "Perversion" ? Or does the word even exist in their vocabulary?

God will have the final say in this matter. It's not normal, not Biblical, and impossible to engage in homosexuality and be a christian. Read the Holy Bible to know the real truth.

Its just wrong, thats why it should not be entertained no where in this world. Do you teach you kids from baby growing up that its ok to for a boy to kiss a boy or a girl to kiss a girl - NO!

being gay is not a sin acting on those desires is the sin, just as adultery is a sin. we do not say go chaet on your spouse. If we accept Gay marriage we accept or say sin is ok. We have got to stand

It is an aberrant behavior. Why should it be legalized?

Homosexuality is an abomination to our Creator and will not go unpunished. It is against all biblical precepts. Remember the punishment of Sodom and Gomorrah by Jehovah?

Marriage is meant to be between a MAN and a WOMAN!! not both female both male: humans are a species, and you dont see dogs being gay, or cats or any other animal, homosexulaity is wrong in any species

Gay marriage is wrong because of its roots. The only reason we have gay marriage is because homosexuals want it. I don't hate people, but homosexuality is wrong. Stop being perverse before God!

Forget being "politically correct" or "the right thing to do"...I am against gay marriage, in fact, I am completly against gays. It wasn't meant to be, God didn't design it that way nor does he accept

But… But Think of the Children!

(Because we all know marriage is just about dutifully having sex and beating the chinks, Muslims and Indians at baby-making.)

In the Book of Genisis God said the man is not without the woman or the woman without the man. They were one flesh and commanded to multiply and replenish the earth. God, himself, married them.

Marriage is about creating children, period. Figure it out

I voted no, not because I think that a certain gay or lesbian couple can't raise fine kids or have equality via the Constitution, but because the definition of marriage is between a male and a female.

If this goes through on the basis of everyone has the right to choose whom they are with, will it be okay for a father to marry his daughter? A mother her son? Cousin to cousin? It WILL pave the way!

if gay marriage is legalized then it'll be forced upon those who oppose it to accept, taught 2 r children, and any speech against it would be "hate speech" i.e. Canada. That's not right.

Love who you want to love, but the institution of marriage was not based on love. It was based on procreation and preserving families. That's why married couples get tax breaks.

From my point of view homosexuality is total wrong hence same sex marriage is too. i dont want my children growing it these condition thinking that it is all right when itz not.

Man and woman are meant to be together to build the family unit. Anything else is tearing down the family. The family and the union between Man and Woman should continue to be sacred!

Is it acceptable for a club to be formed that give grown men the right to have SEXUAL ACTS WITH LITTLE BOYS! NO & neither should the gay/lesbian SEXUAL ACTS ever be accepted, it is not normal behavior

But…But Think of the Dogs!

(Looks like Rick Santorum had a busy day today.)

My dog love me- can i marry him ?

Next, we will wanting to have sex with our animals and marry them.

This is a great deviation from what life was meant to be soon we will start debating should man marry a dog, trying to legalize have sex with dogs.that is the height of deterioration in our world 2day

I think if you start granting special rights to people based only upon alternate/perverse sexual lifestyles, you open the door for other more outrageous demands for special rights.

(Like what, for instance?)

marriage has always been defined as a union of man and woman. It has always been based on that.What is next? Inanimate objects? Plants? DVD's?

If two same sex dogs hung out together just for "freaky" sex, no prob! They can't reproduce! But gay couples are now "gathering" children by any means they can think up! Adoption, surrigate, or ???

I Have Nothing Against These Filthy Degenerates But

(Let’s just get that pesky appearance of intolerance out of the way right now so we can get back to the intolerance.)

Let me begin by saying that I am NOT a racist. However, this issue is only a big deal because white liberals made it an issue. I don't agree with gay marriage because it's not ordained by God.

I am not racist but I do believe in what my bible says. I will not bring my children up to believe that this is normal. It is unfortunate for those that feel they are gay/lesbian. Strictly MY opinion

I have no problem with gays.... I however DONT feel comfortable, or feel it is right to for Gays to get married. My little sister is a lesbian and I told her that though I love her,.... I dont agree.

I hate it when people say that because I am a christian that says I don't support gay marriage that I am being judgemental. Look folks, I didn't say I hate gay people! I am just against them marrying

I have NO ROMBLEM with gay people, I have family members that are gay.BUT I think is should be just that I AM GAY and proud of it ,NOT I am gay I wanna marry the same sex it just doesn't fit.

Don't call Christians hateful for standing up for their beliefs. Our God told us that we should not tolerate sin. He also told us that homosexuality is a sin. It's not about hate, it's about obedience

Some Dead Hebrews Whose Existence Has Yet to be Proven Said it, I Believe it, That Settles It!

(These people obviously would prefer to let dead people from an irrelevant point in history think for them.)

In the beginning, God created male and female. If same-sex marriage was a natural thing, God would have created us that way. Homosexuality is not just a sin, but an Abomination.

In the Bible, God said homosexual relationships are wrong period! Who is smarter than God????????

I vote no because God made the woman and man to be together not a man and man or woman and woman God does not like that so please think before you do something like that God will help you.

Its against my Christian religion. there ya go

Whether you are believe in God or believe in evolution, it goes against both. God says it's wrong. Evolution would show it's wrong. You can't advance a species by being gay. You'd get no where.

Next they will legalize, porn is okay to be viewed by children and allow children to be in them, because of preference??? NO NO NO.....

can't leave God out of this (no matter how hard you try or cry out in disdain everytime you see His name) He is our Creator and substainer of ALL life. He created order and man proceeds to disrupt it.

Chapped and Averse

(These good souls know the chapter and verse of the two brief passages in the Bible that agrees with them about hating the gays and whatever else in the Bible that can be tortured into being tangentially related.)

In the Bible, book of Romans chapter 1 V. 18-32, very plane of God's law about, homoGod gave them up umto vile affections for even there women did change the natural use into that which is against NAT

If a mam lies with a man as one lies with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable. Leviticus20:22a NIV Marriage was made to be between a man and a woman. Kids need what mom and dad bring.

Having the same rights as a married couple us "BS" excuse to demoralize this nation even further. People should learn from history. Who knows we may all turn into a piller of salt.

God created Adam & Eve to become one not Adam & Earl!

God did not say Eve go get married to a woman and multiply, or Adam go find Steve and multiply. He said it to man and woman. You that is why we have the organs that we have.

God created Adam and Eve..He hates homosexuality and of course the bible tells how Sodom and Gomorrah was destroyed because of "men with men"

Those Who Cannot Spell or Punctuate Do Not Get to Establish or Reestablish Etymology For Anything.

(In fact, let’s just ban them from all writing implements by an Act of Congress.)

Marriage is and should be between a man and a woman. This is what is natural - and traditional in this country. We are losing our culture to this liberal agenda. I want my country back!!

If two dudes want to live their life in sin, call it something else and don't start pushing it into our schools. I don't think it's right. Marrige is for a man & a woman. Can they create a child?

man and woman were created to be together. we are each other's puzzle pieces. where as to men and men and women and women are like putting the wrong piece into a puzzle. IT DOESN'T FIT!

The deffinition of marriage has been between a man and a woman for 1000's of years and now were trying to redefine it. I don't think so. To support the population a man and a woman are required.

To redefine marriage means reducating our youth in school about relatinships between same sex couples. I have taught my children that it is not what marriage is about. Men & Men does not life make.

Marriage for a man and a woman. Civil union is OK without right to raise kids, because it promotes homosexuality, look at France. They are too noisy with their demands, what is pretty annoying.

I respect a couple's right to be a couple, but marriage has been set aside for millenia as between a man & woman. It is best for our country to leave it be. I would hate to see what's next? Polyagamy

Where Reason and Logic Fail…

(…always trust the ideological tar brush.)

Are u gays & lesbose proud of your selves,becouse i think u r discusting & sick .

just another nail in the coffin of the moral degradation of society

use another term for this abnormal union if you wish to legitimize sexual deviants...

I think we all should have a say in this because when all the gays get married and start coming down with aids and other such diseases, guess who's going to pay for that? Us. the tax payers.

Gay people just want attention. Why do u have to be married to profess ur love?! you don't. How many men and women live together with out being married?! ALOT.


(Or, in the words of Buddha, “What the fuck?!”)

I voted NO because I don't believe the same sex intimate relationships were meant to be. If an individual wants a same sex partner they need to keep it in the "Closet".

Marriage isn't a right, not even for normal people. That's the first mistake. Changing law and culture over how 2% of the population want to please themselves is the second mistake.

gotta love the gay agenda. Less than 5% of the population, but they've pulled the wool over 45% of america. "Hey, it's normal." "Hey, we're a minority." they love using buzzwords to get a response.

well at least i dont have to worry about gays when i die because thay wont make it thru the gates of heaven

why is this a topic for the goverment? I think that Men and women should marry. If u let gays marry. Then why cant men have two wives, Social order people!

Hey gays: you NEED heterosexuals. You can't survive without them. There's no survival of your species without us. So how's about you say "thank you" by leaving our institution alone?

People can be gay if they want. In the same way people can smoke crack if they so choose. I believe both are sins so I will not endorse either one. I'm not judging their hearts, just their actions.

It is a sin! A union between 2 people of the same sex is not sacred. IS IT Worth BURNING FOR ETERNITY. You people that don‘t believe in God want know until death. Then it’s to late!.'s not the hetero people that im saying are's a God..who I would rather trust than the gays

Why is it so hard to understand that males and females are made differently,in fact that's how God set it up.These acts are the sickness of the mind.Let the bible have the final say.

If someone wants to be gay go right ahead but you don't have the right to change the definition of marriage for all people!!

Every culture that has promoted homosexual practices as normal and healthy has collapsed from within. Homosexual marriage is one of the first steps in destroying religion and the nuclear family.

CP: If that's true, then why not just let them marry each other? To shut 'em up

Yes, Jesus loves all people, but HE does not love our sins, HE died on a cross for all who will believe in HIM and repent of thier sins........Homosexuality is a sin

it is not ok to be homosexual, if you look at majority of these relationships 1 partner takes the role of the man & the other as the woman, why is that? it is because it is natural instincts at work

So what, we can tax and demonize smokers and tell them that they can't suck on tobacco because it is disgusting but we as a society can't condemn foul sexuality? Both have bad diseases associated....

(Occasionally, some liberal asshole sneaks one in on the right side, such as me, for instance…)

So, Elton John and George Takei are to blame for Ted Haggard's and Eddie Long's secret forays into gay sex or Vitter's or Ensign's extramarital affairs? Puh-leeze.

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