Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Fox News At Its Finest, Part XI: It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, Madison World edition

Oh. Yeah. Bet on it, Madison.

Ignorant rednecks protesting ObamaCare on corporately-sponsored Freedom Works' tit: Good.
Wisconsin union workers protesting loss of collective bargaining: Bad, bad, bad.

"Republicans and Tea Baggers: Can America afford them?"

"Everybody's gone serfiiiiing, serfing USA!"

"Teacher, teacher, Bud's playing hooky!"

Brian Kilmeade on the welfare state of public unions, who are not to be confused with right proper taxpayers that Republicans fight tooth and nail against becoming.

As is only natural for a half wit, Steve the Douche is half right. The Wisconsin protests are similar to the Egyptian protests but not the way he's projecting it.

Actually, it was a tap. Plus, Fox reporters are the ones doing the assaulting.

Forget Comrade Walker and his idiotic bumper sticker. Look at the chyron that says, "The enemy in Afghanistan is losing." Too bad the NY Times and the federal government disagree.

How about that? Two thirds of the country don't support the unions. Too bad the results were inverted.

Looks like Fox can't quite get the hang of polls.

Why not? The Wisconsin state government's already been privatized by Koch Industries.

"Oh, our Greta Van Susteren debunked it? Fuck it, run with it, anyway."

Way to stay "in focus", Rupert.

Not if Diebold is unionized.

And no doubt France looks at us like we’re American Dad.

Just to remind you crackers that we’re still looking out for you.

Finally, the funniest lie of all:

Really? I didn't know Barbizon was a school of journalism.

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  1. It's class warfare plain and simple. Everyone get's caught up in the story of the day, but if you back away and look at the results, especially since the reign of St Ronnie, it's blatently obvious.


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