Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Peck of Hatred and Stupidity

Maybe Kansas state Rep. Virgil Peck's problem is he's watching too much Sarah Palin's Alaska or Arnold Schwarzenegger's The Running Man. But at a state assembly in Kansas recently, Virgil Peck seriously proposed "Looks like to me, if shooting these immigrating feral hogs works, maybe we have found a (solution) to our illegal immigration problem."

"Immigrating feral hogs." Not human beings but "immigrating feral hogs." Shot from helicopters.

Uh huh.

Yeah, I can see how, like Iowa's Steve King, Virgil Peck, a guy who also lives in a landlocked, midwestern state, would be so fearful of "immigrating feral hogs." And, believe it or not, this wasn't even the most heartless suggestion proposed of late for dealing with the so-called immigration problem.

Last June, some bald-headed mick bigot out of New Mexico by the name of Tom Mullins seriously proposed using land mines at the border.

Only slightly more humanitarian was King's fellow Iowan Dr. Pat Bertroche's suggestion that we implant microchips in immigrants. Both of the last two suggestions may have been midterm election sops thrown to the racist Teabaggers, maybe not.

But Peck obviously won re-election in southeast Kansas. And King, still inexplicably a United States Congressman, four and a half years ago seriously suggested using electrified fences along a border he doesn't live anywhere near, likening the immigrants to cattle.

If you think this isn't racist, consider, #1 that all this anti-immigrant rhetoric is coming from white Republicans and, #2, there doesn't seem to be any concern about the US-Canadian border, just the southern border with Mexico (although the Minnesota state house seems to be keeping a wary eye on them there Canucks, too, just in case they're thinking of giving up their evil, Socialized health care system for our bloated, expensive and corrupt one and 9+% unemployment rate). They're just careful enough not to specify the southwestern border.

But we all know what and to whom they're really referring in their thinly-veiled dog whistle language.

There is something extremely sinister going on in this country and when one sees how truly evil and venal the Republican Party has gotten in the last two years, thanks in large part to Republican and Independent voters, one sees a trend that too readily lends itself to an apocalyptic mindset.

Undocumented workers are evil. Unionized public employees are evil. Gay people are evil.

But Wall Street and the upholstered ticks that make up the top-earning 2% in the country? Hey, they're job producers. Let's give them another tax break.

These people used to be laughed at because until a couple of years ago, before the black guy got elected president, they were on the fringes of mainstream society, the kind of lunatics who sold mimeographed books at White Supremacy rallies dealing with post-apocalyptic survival and evil Jewish bankers.

Now they're elected officials, some of them at the federal level. A lot of them are chucking their mimeographed books and getting book contracts from an increasingly conservative publishing industry. They're now getting serious air time on TV and radio.

Meanwhile, much saner and humane progressive voices are still waiting for their version of Fox News, for their people to get serious air time on TV and radio while white Republicans advocate the mass murder of brown human beings just looking for a better life.

Here's an idea: How about we hunt Republicans from helicopters? Even without a spotter, I'd be glad to come out of retirement for that. Let's start with peckerheads like Peck. Then, after we've vaporized into pink arterial spray every Republican with Barrett 50 calibers, let's put every illegal alien we can find on welfare, SSI and unemployment. Let's give 'em all free, Congressional-class health care, HUD-subsidized housing in white Republican neighborhoods starting with Lou Dobbs' and make all their kids and relatives back home automatic citizens just to detonate the heads of whatever Republicans escaped our sniper scopes.

After all, if you want to preach audacious hatefulness, I say we fight fire with fire. I'm serious. Let's kill all the Republicans because, after all, the illegal immigrants just want jobs. The white Republicans are the ones advocating murder and they ought to be put down like the feral pigs we all know they are.

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