Thursday, December 9, 2010

It's a Wonderful Life

Now I know what was going through poor George Bailey's mind as he stood on that fucking bridge realizing he was more valuable dead than alive (then again, George had $500 equity on a life insurance policy, so he was actually better off than me.).

Santa's been a bad elf this year. This afternoon with the mail came a letter from the Massachusetts DET informing me that as of Dec. 11, I'll be losing the extra $25 a week I got from the Obama administration. That's $100-125 a month. Since Mrs. JP's out of work, too, that means I'll be making $137 after child support to supplement her $135 a week. At a little over $1000 a month, that won't be enough to pay the rent ($650 a month), the auto insurance ($46+), internet access ($35), gas, electric, food, gasoline, cell phone minutes and whatever else comes up.

They gave me two day's notice. Helluva way to spend Christmas.

Meanwhile, even if I do get my UI benefits extended, it'll be minus the $25 I've been getting since May last year. and it'll be conditional on bloated, jiggling billionaires getting their 6 figure tax breaks at our expense. What a country. I get UI benefits reduced by $100 a month and Rush Limbaugh gets another couple of hundred thousand stuffed in his pocket.

Don't tell me there's no God much less a Santa Claus. This gives us no chance to even celebrate the holidays by buying presents. It'll be another miracle on 34th Street if we'll be able to meet all the bills on New Year's Day. I sent out another five letters and resumes this morning alone. No responses. Since last year, I've signed up with six, count 'em, six temp agencies and they have not gotten my foot in one fucking door. I've never seen it this bad before.

So, sorry, Bad Santa, no cookies.

(Whatever you guys could do to help would be greatly appreciated but it being the holidays, I know a lot of you are stretched to the max, too, so I don't expect anything. The Paypal button's at the bottom of this page.)


  1. Fucking sucks, mate. My condolences.

  2. I'm trying to think of something witty to say, but can't come up with anything. Sorry, man.

  3. Yes, but you can still rest assured that you live in the Greatest Country in the World©; a country where the right, middle and even the putative left work tirelessly to ensure that you never approach the dreaded cliff of socialism, let alone go over it.

    Merry Christmas from Santa Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Bechtel Corporation.

  4. Can't help financially, but if you are handy, you might make a few $$ assembling gifts for people who buy items requiring assembly - playsets, furniture, etc. Try an ad in Craigs list. My husband and I did this for some extra bucks a few years ago. You might also try florist deliveries for the week before Christmas - cash payment of course

  5. So for somebody who'd like to give something ... where's the PayPal button?

  6. Like I said: The Paypal button is at the very bottom of the page.

  7. I hear you my friend, and I don't know which way is up I feel it too.I know there are many a rich person who is gleefully looking forward to that new Mercedes Benz for Xmas, while you and I are trying to find scraps to put on the table. I went to a "Drinking Liberally" group last night, and met others like us, who are all very concerned and indeed impacted by all this shit that is going on...I am in NY and things are very expensive here. So we all are trying to build a network that can possibly help each other in time of need, until things get better. Even if you are like me and don't believe in Gods, go down to your local churches, (one on every corner over here) and work with them, they may be able to help with food baskets and such in return for the help you give them...until things improve. We are in for a long and rough ride, but stay strong and like me, believe in yourself and the good you do helping other groups/churches may also help you in the end.
    P.S. Put the paypal button at the top of the page.

  8. Teeluck: You know, I tried. When I first set up this blog last September, I tried to find a way to put it on top like I wanted to but the template kept rejecting it. If you go to my other blog (Pottersville), it's at the top but the template is different.

  9. I'm so sorry. I'm teetering on the brink myself, but I think you should send this story everywhere because it's just what makes politics real, visceral, personal. Do you tweet? Tweet it. Send it to the White House, your senator and reps.

    Bernie Sanders was on the C Span today filibustering the give away to the top 2% and he spent a lot of time reading letters like this. He was riveting today. Best 9 hours of TV I've ever seen. No break at all. The occasional sip of water.

  10. I watched him for nearly 3 hours. Didn't disagree with a word he said. But I think he was spelled occasionally by Sherrod Brown and Mary Landrieu. Yeah, I've tweeted this. Nobody cares. I'm ignored on Twitter, Facebook and just about everywhere else.

  11. Actually, according to Alan Grayson, Limbaugh gets over an additional million.

  12. 'That won't be enough to pay the rent ($650 a month), the auto insurance ($46+), internet access ($35), gas, electric, food, gasoline, cell phone minutes and whatever else comes up.'

    Lee Raconteur @ said:

    Then it is time to cut the cable, internet and mobile phones. You cannot afford it, you don't 'deserve' it, and it's not in your budget.

    Time to get a roommate, park the car and walk/bus/bicycle.

    Yes, it sucks.

    Time to do without.


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