Saturday, January 22, 2011

Beck and Call to Arms

As far as I can tell, this hasn't been getting a lot of play in the blogosphere but Glenn Beck's new target, political theorist Francis Fox Piven, has been getting death threats. In fact, the threats on Ms. Pivens' life are getting so numerous and virulent that the Center for Constitutional Rights has been forced to write a letter to Roger Ailes to do something about it (I'm sure he'll get right on it, too).

I don't know what it will require to get Beck off the air as easily as we got Hal Turner off the air. Will it require another 300 sponsors to pull their ads off Beck's show or will the local constabulary have to find Beck standing over a gunshot murder victim with a smoking pistol in his hand?

Beck is a frequent contributor to a Drudge-wannabe right wing rag called The Blaze and one such (understandably) anonymous article about Piven makes use of highly edited sound bytes to "prove" Beck's conspiracy theories. The comments, 336 strong as of this writing, are pretty revealing of the mindset that praises Beck as a national hero for "confirming" all their fears about elitist, leftist radicals while wishing or even outright threatening a 78 year-old woman with death.

Imagine the furor that would ensue if Keith Olbermann or Michael Moore wrote a pack of lies about Phyllis Schlafly or Nancy Reagan that resulted in dozens of death threats. Here's a sample of some of the wit and wisdom of Beck's Crazy Base (Note: I'm deliberately ignoring all the stupid, offtopic and immature comments about this nearly 80 year-old woman's loss of pulchritude and championing Communist China's human rights violations and deliberate devaluing of their currency to undercut foreign trade):

The cemeteries are half empty and this witch is still running around living?

Choking on her tongue would be a fitting way for this POS to die!

@ M4Colt…. I’ll pay up for the bullet….I”m $1.07 bid….I’ll just have to let Glenn shoot her though…. he’s the best shot out there… :-)

Why hasn’t she had an “accident” yet?…lol…

Prison? No, traitors are usually executed. The Rosenbergs got fried in the Chair. Hanging is cheaper, and you can reuse the rope.

I have a Home Depot right up the street from me….

She needs to ch oke at her next meal.

She’d break a rib gagging at least.
Old b!tc# needs to just die.

Remember her kind are the first ones to be taken out and shot after the revolutions!

Just let me know when she dies so I can piss on her grave.

Please meet your maker…TY

Hang this witch for treason ! She don`t even deserve a trial because she has convicted herself with her words .

This creature is a prime candidate for one of those infamous death panels.

If you were to read all 336 comments, as I just have, you'll note that about half seek to discredit or rebut Piven's call for Chinese workers to strike with disparaging comments about her appearance and twisting her words while grossly inflating her influence with the current administration.

These criminally misinformed right wing cunts have also disparaged unions, call federal laws requiring a minimum wage and taxation "government meddling" while actually championing or deliberately overlooking Communist China's countless human rights violations that go back to the days of Mao.

In short, the sons and daughters of Glenn Beck, these Constitutionalists who only trumpet the First Amendment when someone agrees with them, are among some of the most insane people in America.

Just keep in mind by Election Day next year that these right wing freaks also have the right to vote.


  1. Thank You for bringing this to light !

  2. Getting an accurate list of the adverizers that sponser his show and posting them so people can call them to say they will boycot these products until they pull their ads from Beck's programs is the best way to get rid of him.

  3. Just 'cuz they're fleeing Beck's show doesn't mean they're they' fleeing Fox. They just have their ads put in other shows, which are almost as offensive.


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