Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Blackbirds Dying in the Dead of Night

UFO Footage over louisiana-Arkansas-15/01/2009

It's positively Biblical and, indeed, some Christian "researchers" and wouldbe scientists have already dismissed the UFO theory as to why thousands of blackbirds are suddenly dropping dead on Arkansas and Louisiana soil for the always-popular End of Days theory.

Let's recap the basic facts, if you haven't already read this incredible story that began on New Year's Eve when approximately 5000 red-winged blackbirds suddenly dropped dead from the sky over Beebe, Arkansas.

This CNN article on the subject adds this fascinating tidbit of information that's almost gotten lost in the welter of prosaic but ridiculous theories on the possible reason for the deaths of the birds:
Keith Stephens, a spokesman for the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission, said the birds showed evidence of trauma in the breast tissue, with blood clots in the body cavity and a lot of internal bleeding. All major organs were normal.

Now, why were most of the birds of one species? The overwhelming majority of the stricken birds were red-winged blackbirds, including a few starlings and grackles. Well, that alone, plus the highly localized drop zone and the brief amount of time this happened, allows us to rule out disease. So, why predominantly one species? You need to look no further than to the old adage of "birds of a feather flock together."

One person speculated that fireworks on New Year's eve could've contributed to the birds' deaths but only in a corollary sense. It certainly could've alarmed the birds to flee their roost and to take to the skies, which would also explain why they were uncharacteristically flying at night. Fireworks alone also wouldn't have accounted for the blunt force trauma and the clotting. Not in 5000 individual cases.

A lightning strike would've singed the birds' feathers and it likely wouldn't have killed up to 5000 birds in one fell swoop.

Let's go back to the massive trauma in the chest cavities and internal bleeding of the birds. In most cases, when a bird realizes it's about to fly into a solid object, they either try to veer away or, if they know they haven't the time to make a readjustment, they will right themselves and expose their breasts as they spread out their wings and try to decelerate. This would account for the massive chest trauma and blood clotting consistent with such a trauma.

True, flying late at night in a panicked state of mind may account for a few birds running into a building or light pole but what could've killed 5000 birds simultaneously? We can speculate that it was a jet but there are two problems with that: #1, jets tend to fly at 30,000-75,000 feet, especially Air Force jets, and #2 your typical jet doesn't have the spatial mass to account for so many simultaneous blunt force traumas.

We have to conclude, therefore, they they either ran into a truly massive object that had somehow remained invisible...

...or many, many objects. 46, to be exact, according to one person's son two years ago.

Barely a year ago, in Fayetteville, AR (near the same town as the incident linked to above), a woman claims to have seen three lighted objects following a B52 on what was probably a training exercise over Fayetteville (Almost surely out of Little Rock Air Force Base). One could plausibly say that these other lights were a fighter jet escort. Problem: They usually don't travel in threes, they don't fly in a pendular motion but tend to stay fixed at either wing and B52 on training exercises typically don't merit fighter jet escorts.

We also have an Air Force Base in nearby Louisiana called Barksdale AFB, another area that's been a hotbed of UFO activity in recent years. In fact, in the vicinity of almost any Air Force base, countless UFO sightings have been documented over the decades.

You're probably going to think that I'm completely insane when I advance this theory but I'm not necessarily talking about flying saucers but UFO's, which, 90% of the time, are a different animal altogether.

Now, I hate like hell to link to a story by World Nut Daily but if you're interested in UFOlogy, this story related to WND by a retired Air Force colonel and pilot is simply too good to immediately dismiss out of hand. It took place nearly four years ago in Van Buren, Arkansas and the colonel, Brian Fields, documented his discovery with his camera. He saw three lights, which didn't descend as flares would and all three eventually formed into an almost perfect triangular formation.

We know these poor birds collided with either a massive solid object or many of them. We know that jets don't fly that low. Disease wouldn't account for the sheer number of dead birds killed simultaneously and solely accounting or the highly-localized drop zone.

If we can safely rule out buildings, towers, light poles, utility lines (all of which birds typically fly over), then what more logical explanation do we have that jibes with the evidence than them running into one enormous UFO or several?


  1. read your bible!

  2. It really doesn't have anything to do with the bible. It does sound similar to the seals in revelations, but we're not in that time period yet. I haven't heard any trumpets lately. Though we are in the last days and strange signs like this are significant to point that out, this event is not the sixth seal and so it is in our best interest to find out what caused this to happen without obnoxiously contributing it to armegedden.

  3. I don't have a Bible. I prefer Jeffrey Deaver or Stieg Larsson.

  4. Why need a bible?:L

  5. God gave us a warning on 1/1/11 that the devil was released from his prison and now roams the earth for 42 months to try to pursuer us into the wrong that is the meaning of the dieing drum fish in the Ozark river. They announced he is here. The birds died in Arkansas now put Ozark with Arkansas. Noah was the last person the god new worship him he was saved by building Noah arck which marked the end of days. so 42 months from 1/1/11 is when the end of days will come..

  6. We do have low flying c-130's making training runs out of Little Rock. I was not in state that night so don't know if they were flying....tho I doubt it, on New Year's Eve.


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