Monday, November 22, 2010

"Dave's on Sale Again."

Hell, so are all the boys of The Immortals. That's right, even though I hadn't gotten any confirmation from Amazon, yet, I decided to check on the status of my Kindle upload of American Zen and it appears that it's already on sale.

Now, if you have any of the following:

Kindle DX
Kindle (2nd Generation)
Kindle (1st Generation)
Kindle for PC
Kindle for Mac
Kindle for iPad
Kindle for iPhone
Kindle for Android
Kindle for BlackBerry

you can purchase my novel American Zen (ASIN: B004D9FUZ4) on Amazon. To help speed things along, here's the catalog page that'll take you straight to it. All except 1st Generation Kindles have text-to-speech in case you want to listen to it in your car.

To be honest with you all, I have no idea what it looks like since I can't afford a Kindle, yet, so if they screwed up the formatting and it looks amateurish, I apologize in advance.

For those of you who don't know about my novel, I'll give it to you in a nutshell:

Liberal investigative political journalist Mike Flannigan (the very same guy who occasionally posts here when his editor in chief Ari lets him out of his cage) is quite possibly the only political reporter not writing about Barack Obama's victory in November 2008. That's because about two years ago today, Mike got a cryptic email from his childhood friend, the keyboardist Jo Jo Vandermeer. One thing leads to another and eventually Mike reunites with his old rock'n'roll band The Immortals from 1978. The men, now middle-aged, eventually realize how cruel life had been to them since the band broke up when their front man Dave Carmichael signed himself and not the group to a recording contract. One nationally televised and Youtubed scandal, some jail time, a graveyard brawl and several soul-defining musical performances later, Mike and his old band realize the limits and cost of love and friendship and what each one will risk in that pursuit.

I tend to look at American Zen not as a $10 purchase but an investment because it may teach one a lesson or two about life, love and death. So if you have a Kindle or are planning on getting or receiving one for the holidays, please give my novel a looksee. It may prove to be the best 626 kilobytes you'll ever download.


  1. Sorry to be a downer, man, but $9.99 is too high. I've bought almost 300 Kindle books this year, most at sub $5.00 and from 'indie' writers. Off those I only failed to finish one.

    The quality of 'indie' writing is so good that to pay more than $5 but less than $10, you've have to be Michael Cunningham, Edmund White or similar.

    I've registered the book at

    If I get a price drop notice, I'll definitely buy it.

    Good luck with the book.

  2. PS I like your blog and have added it to my news reader.

  3. To tell you the truth, Peter, I've never heard of Michael Cunningham or Edmund White but I think that, whoever they are, AZ would stack up and justify the $9.99 price. You'd wind up paying that for those damned elongated paperbacks that are slowly taking over the shelves at Borders and Barnes & Noble, anyway.

  4. I just tweeted this post. Thank you for letting me know you're published for the e reader now. I'll push it, push it, push it!

  5. Thanks, Lisa, I really appreciate it. I got Busted Knuckles to pimp it, too. I could use all the hell I could get. I've sold one fucking copy.

  6. Meant to write "help." I already have all the hell I need.

  7. Just the bought after being notified of the price drop and am looking forward to reading it.

    Thank you.


  8. I really liked your book and have left a review at Amazon. Sorry I'm not a more proficient review writer. :)

  9. Did you buy it? If so, thanks, Rod.


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