Sunday, November 14, 2010

Quotes o' the Day: Decider edition

"George W. Bush was, and likely will forever be, the single worst American president in the nation's history. To outstrip his remarkable record of failure, criminality and disgrace, a future president will have to personally cause the Earth to crash into the sun." - William Rivers Pitt, - Truthout.

"Somebody has a new book out.

No thanks; I already saw the movie." - d r i f t g l a s s, "I Understand"

"He was speaking in Dayton on Veterans Day at the Air Force Museum. Referring to soldiers who go on high-risk missions, the man who couldn't even finish his time avoiding going to Vietnam said, "I was constantly amazed by their willingness to volunteer in the face of danger." That would be for missions in our wars of his choosing.

"His re-emergence this week as a kind of backwards-ass book hawker ought to remind us all that the dangers we face now are ones we didn't volunteer for, but ones that he foisted upon us." - The Rude Pundit

"You say that a rapper dissing you was "one of the most disgusting moments in my Presidency" and that you told your wife that it was the worst point of your time in office. For someone who pranced around saying that the American people and their "polls" can suck your balls, you have pretty thin skin when it comes to Kanye West." - The Rude Pundit

"As a friend told me, its as if Bush popped back up to remind us just how much of an improvement President Obama is on that sorry excuse for a human being." - Oliver Willis

"I was also very moved by His recounting of His childhood encounter with the Bush family fetus jar. It was very vividly written. I can almost see Barbara Bush standing there in her blue gown, arms outstretched as she presents the fetus jar to young W. "Hold him, W," she screeches, her pearls rattling angrily, "kiss your little dead fetus brother; kiss him now, you little mistake!"

Now that's parenthood. It's no wonder He became what He is today.

It does not matter if the story is true or not. No one cares that it's more likely that Barbara caught young George drinking from the family fetus jar." - Gen JC Chrsitian, patriot, Amazon book review, "If Horatio Alger Had a Trust Fund"

"As the days at Andover wound down, it came time to apply for college. My first thought was Yale. After all, I was born there." - George W. Bush, Decision Points.

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