Friday, November 12, 2010

Top 10 Rejected Titles For George W. Bush’s Decision Points.

“Sorry, mister. I thought you were Alfred E. Neuman.”

From the very beginning, it was widely known throughout the media and blogosphere that President Bush’s memoir would be entitled, Decision Points. Originally, however, the 43rd president didn’t have an easy time coming up with a catchy title. What were the top 10 rejected titles for Mr. Bush’s presidential memoir?

  • 10) My Libary Cost More Than Yours, Pop.

  • 9) The Man Who Shot Liberty.

  • 8) I Was a Two-Termer, Pop.

  • 7) Points Where I’d Decided On.

  • 6) I Got Saddam, Pop.

  • 5) Dick Cheney Chose and Approved This Title.

  • 4) I Rehired Karl Rove, Pop.

  • 3) Outsourcing 7,000,000 Dollar Memoirs For Fun and Profit.

  • 2) Who’s Your Literary Agent, Pop?

  • 1) I Am Not a Dream of My Father’s.
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