Thursday, February 3, 2011

Yes, Virginia, There is a David Duke...

...and he lives in Massachusetts.

Some people on Worcester, Massachusetts Craigslist's Rants & Raves section have a problem with this being Black History Month. Every time I put up a post defending Black History Month (as if I should have to) while reminding people of what Mighty Whitey has done for them, not only do my posts immediately get taken down, rejoinders like this replace them and stay up.

Keep in mind, this is an actual post and was actually written today in Massachusetts, supposedly one of the most enlightened and bluest states in the Union (outside of Roslindale, where Jim Crow went to die) which is where this racist asswipe who fancies himself Rudyard Kipling's second coming lives. As proof that I did not make this up, here's the original URL. It's entitled, I shit you not, "White History Month."

Slavery? The evil white man is responsible for slavery. Look up the violent history of African and you will see where white folks got the idea from. Africa has had a LONG, LONG, LONG history of slavery....Even back to the days of when the Moors were conquering the middle east, and I can say with certainty anything the white folks did during the time of slavery would of looked like a Godsend compared to the slavery of Africa. Black people used to trade and sell other black people. It's not only a white thing. Sorry to burst your bubble.

Why is America all about white history? Look at the founding fathers, White. America is a white culture that focuses on white history beacuse we have a white past. You wouldn't go to Africa and expect them to change their school curriculum to focus on white people because they are a black society. Out government is a white government solely built to better the white people, same with a german government; it is designed to better german people....Same with a chinese government. The whole idea of co-existing does not work. Sorry to burst your bubble. Look at a party or even when you went to highschool. Black people mainly stuck together as a group, Brazillians stuck together as a group, white people stuck together as a group. It is not a reflection on the devil white is an instinctual habit. People stick to their own kind and EVERY one wants to be the "top dog". We as humans are built on competition and want to be number one. The majority of society is white, see where I am going with this? White people want to help white people, black people want to help black people...... Unfortunately the idea of a perfect melting pot will never work, it can't.

You really want me to get you fired up? Look at Africa, the tribes in the jungles that have still been untouched by the white man. They are living in mudhuts wearing leotards. Are there any white communities ANYWHERE in the world that are living that primitive? It seems white people are smarter, even the most remote parts of Australia have some sort of running water and means of outside communication. But not in those primitive tribes of black men and women, they have not evolved past the ways of a basic society. Science is a white man's achievement. The black man should be thanking us for introducing them to the benefits of the white man's inventions. All they are good for is playing sports; that will really help out society. PROVIDE US WITH ENTERTAINMENT! leave the tricky stuff to the hard working white man.

Sounds like something Neil Boortz would write if he was on mescaline and purple microdot.

Got that? Birds of a feather flock together; niggers in "African" thought up slavery all on their lonesome so if they do it, so can we; Them there darkies ain't good for nothing but running and entertaining (they can also tap dance, doncha know?); they wore leotards in Africa (remember, they can all dance) they should just get the fuck out of the way and let the white man take up his burden doing the real impoh-tant stuff. Ordinarily, I would've taken this down as bottomlessly offensive but this contains such a distillation of pure, concentrated, Strom Thurmond-class of inbred, ass-backwards, down home, sitting in the outhouse, good ole boy racism that it really has to stay up to remind those of us who don't walk on our knuckles how little we've come since the Civil War.

God damn, boy, can't you just hear the grits sizzling on the griddle while the banjo plays softly in the background? YEE-haw!


  1. This post truly shows what is wrong with America. There are racist knuckle draggers out there and then there are the people like you who are such an extreme opposite that there will never be balance. Or maybe morons like both of you will be all the world needs for balance. If you put a 300 lb. sack of racist shit on one side of a see saw and a 300 lb. sack of liberal shit on the other side, the see saw is balanced. We need idiots like the poster and idiots like you to balance the world, otherwise too much power goes to the wrong locations (i.e. Obama). How come you didn't take any note of the middle paragraph in your response? It seems the racist actually got something right. People stick with similar people. You cannot perfectly blend oil and water because they are different entities.

    Also are you alluding to the idea that a blue state equals enlightenment? If so, then you have your head so far up the liberal agenda's ass that is appears you cannot even think for yourself anymore. You are just as ignorant as this racist poster. Is Texas, the biggest, meanest red state unenlightened? No, you are unenlightened because you automatically shut thoughts off because they do not agree with your political ideas. Sorry to tell you, you are not correct on everything. Quit shoving your ideas down my throat.

  2. OMG, the crazy is actually communicable.

    So, you deliberately avoid people who aren't white? Is that what I'm hearing? Gee, I'm so sorry that calling out racism was in fact biased against redneck-Americans. What was I thinking?

    See what I have to deal with, people? I should've been getting paid to do this from the start.


  3. I do not deliberately avoid people who are not white, I actually never said that. It seems you take an argument and make it sound like what you want in your head; typical. Look at society as a whole, I know its tough to do but step out of your perfect bubble and look around. Go to the mall and see who hangs out with who. Go to your children's school (I hope people with your mindset are not raising children, the future of America will be in trouble) and note again the social cliques.

    Whether or not you and I mingle with every type of person, ultimatlely everyone gravitates back to whom they relate to. Whether it be a white man not being able to relate to a black man's social injustices (yes there are injustices) and vice versa. Whether or not I avoid people is irrelevant to how society acts as a whole.

    It seems my remark also gets under your skin when you resort to a big fancy name calling word like "assclown". I know 10 year olds who use the same language.

  4. Respirators. That's where I went wrong. Maybe free shots.

  5. Wait a minute. Is the racist CL poster not from Massachusetts? Why do you mock some of the finer examples of Southern culture like grits and banjo playing? Why not recognize the economic victim who sits there taking a dump in his outhouse because they are all US.
    Find your heart. There is no other path.

  6. Because the white supremacist, racist mindset is the same regardless of geographic boundaries. We have rednecks here in MA, those shitkickers who drive fat-ass Ford pickups and insist on playing toxic CW music.

    To me, they're all the same.

  7. That comes awfully close to saying they all look alike to me, porky.


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